Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Always Playing Catch-up...

I'm sorry for being such a terrible Blogger. I try. I've never been good at doing things every day...

Ok, enough of my sad excuses. To the pictures:

6 pictures for today, to make up for all the time I've missed, but you have to forgive me because it's my birthday :)

Ok, here goes.
1. Pistachios. A yummy snack and fun to take pictures of. I love the little hint of green.

2. A lamp and brick wall at Remedy, a coffee place downtown. I don't know what I like so much about this photo I just think it's kinda neat.

3. My coffee (ok, sip of my husband's coffee) and yummy muffin, also at Remedy... It just looks like a cozy breakfast, doesn't it?

4. A tree outside my house last summer. I love this one. I think you get more of the feel for it if you click on it to see the big one. Do it! Did that help?

5. Chris Dorsten and a sweet painting. This was from a late-night worship gathering (I can't think of the right terminology...) called Encounter here at school. It was an awesome experience and I was glad to get to take some pictures of it.

6. A building in downtown Atlanta. This is one of the only times I've gotten to take some photos of some architectural stuff, and it was really awesome. I love the shape of this building and it's contrast against the sky.

So, what do all these photos have in common, you ask? Well, not much. Except that they were all taken when I was just starting with my own camera. I know I haven't been doing this for long at all, but these were all in the first few months. Anyway, now that I'm caught up I'll try not to get too behind again :) Thank you all for being patient with me and waiting for me to get my wit back... I'm sure it's just on vacation... I'll be more fun soon. :)

hlm (the birthday girl)

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