Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Snow...

Since good old Punxsutawney informed me that there will be 6 more weeks of winter (bleh) I decided to embrace it and remember the beauty. This is just a shot I happened to get in the middle of a bunch of winter festivities and I really like how simple the icy trees are, but it needed something. So I remembered another trick I learned from Pioneer Woman... I did no editing to this photo except sticking it into photoshop, creating a layer, and adding Hard Light. Man, it makes a difference. The whites are brighter, the green underneath pops, and the overall picture just looks more... cool. Yeah, I know, not a very sophisticated descriptor. Sorry.
Anywho, this is another one* that looks better bigger, so feel free to click on it and check it out. Thanks, as always, for your undying love... or maybe just for reading. Either way.

I still love ya :)

* I know on my huge catch up post there was a photo I told you to click on and enlarge and if any of you tried, you couldn't... I'm still working on fixing it. I have to re-upload all the pictures in a different size. I promise I will, I just haven't yet. Thanks for your patience. :)

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