Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas with the Partridge Family

Hi friends! This blog comes to you straight from good old Port Charlotte, Florida. I'm getting a little concerned about this whole blogtography with no photos thing... but I think we'll manage. :) Today I was thinking I had no pictures so I'd have nothing to share with the world (oh, no!) and then I saw my in-laws' beautiful Christmas tree and was reminded of The Pioneer Woman. For those of you who don't know, PW is a fantastic blogger (and person, I'm sure) who I follow faithfully and basically want to be. She makes amazing food, is an incredible photographer, homeschools her 4 kids (or punks, as she calls them), is unintentionally, amazingly hilarious, and is overall awesome. Do you think I like her a little? I do.
Anyway, recently in her Photography blog she did an "assignment" where she had her readers post their favorite Holiday Bokeh pictures on her Flickr account and she would then choose finalists and a winner from them. (Bokeh is that fuzzy/blurryness in the background of some pictures that makes them look just oh so yummy) This brought me to the conclusion that there is just something about ornaments that makes them perfectly photograph-able. What is that? Well, whatever it is, I'm thankful for it because that's how I got today's picture! (You thought I'd never get around to the picture, didn't you? Well, ha!)
So, this picture is of an adorable Partridge Family bus ornament on the Gill family tree. I thought it was so precious and the light was good, so I messed with the saturation and contrast to make it look a little 70s-ish... What do you think?

Love Love :)
- hlm

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  1. love love love the partridge family bus ornament!!!!!