Monday, January 18, 2010

Where are you Spring?

Today was one of those days where you get a glimpse of Spring even though it's still the bleak midwinter (I know, I have it good in East Tennessee, but still...) so I decided to post a picture of the beach. Logical, right?
Here are my reasonings.
1. I miss going to the beach in January. It is an innate right in every Floridian to go to the beach no matter what weather the rest of the country might be suffering. You play in the snow, I'll build a sand castle.
2. I have moments where I get "home-sick". Not, like, missing my family (though I do that a lot), but missing where I grew up. Flat roads, beaches within a few minutes drive, palm trees, good Chinese food. (Seriously, what's with the Chinese food in Knoxville? Sub-par.)
3. I feel like, if I post a picture and pretend like it's summer, it will magically become summer. *poof* (did it work? are we at the beach? no? drat.)

Well, here's to trying. Thanks, as always :)


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