Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter in the Trees

Hi all! :) Today is another day of two posts because yesterday just ran away from me. It was definitely a recovery day from tctc, so I wasn't on the ball, and for that I apologize. But today I was searching through my pictures and found a tree theme. I really like photographing trees. They show the world for what it is. Happy and warm, dreary and dark, or in the case of these two, freezing but beautiful. I think these trees are the hope for winter. Yes, I hate going outside. My toes freeze. My pant legs turn into icicles because I'm short and all of my pants are too long. It makes me feel trapped inside. But, it also means snuggling and beautiful snow. It means the times when we get to be with people we love more than usual and enjoy them. It means that spring is coming and there will be flowers and cool breezes and light jackets. Winter is beautiful. :) Thanks, as always, for stopping in.


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