Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Regal Creature" or "Knows a Tourist with a Camera when He Sees It"???

I think that we don't give Florida Birds enough credit. They know what's up. They flock when they saw my camera case that Kristin ever so clever-ly pointed out looks a lot like a lunch box. They posed for pictures. They are Florida. I mean, they don't know that I'm a native and know their tricks. Sad, that I'm proud of being smarter than a bird. Also, why do I use masculine pronouns for birds? What is it about birds that make me think "he"? Just some things for you to ponder.
I didn't edit this at all, partially because it's almost one in the morning and partially because I think it's beautiful just the way it us. The sunset lighting on the chest of the bird is perfect. Sorry the post for today (the 6th) is a little late... I really did do it as soon as I got back to my hubby's computer. Thanks for bearing with me, to the 4 people that regularly visit :). Thanks, again.

love love,

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  1. Boy do I miss those little guys! :o) Great picture...almost makes me want to feed them...hee hee!