Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yep... It's 2010. Can you believe it? That means it's the year I graduate from college. Wow. It feels weird to be a grown-up. Anyway, I was randomly walking around the house thinking I needed some new material and I found our calendar. It's a pretty rockin' calendar. It's made by Nintendo Power.... Ya know, the magazine... No? Well. Then I guess it's time you know... I'm a nerd. Or maybe it's a geek. I don't really know. I love Nintendo. I love Mario. I like nerdy things. It's true. Does anyone else have secret nerdy obsessions? I also love things like math and grammar. Yes, math... and grammar. It's cool, I know. :) Thanks for hearing my nerd rant and looking at this picture of my nerd calendar (picked out by my husband, so I'm not the only nerdy one).


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